Become a Partner School

How does the program work?


What do you get?

We work individually with each school to develop a partnership that suits your context.
School experience and expertise

We value the experience and expertise of partner schools. Throughout the year, partner schools are invited to directly engage with applicants, Associates, Alumni and other key stakeholders at various events.

Shared best practise

Findings of all Teach For Australia research into Associate and Alumni effectiveness are shared with partner schools to support their improvement aims. The findings also allow us, and ultimately the partnership, to continually improve.

Culture of leadership

Our Leadership Development Program is not limited to Associates. Through Teach For Australia, partner schools have the opportunity to further foster a culture of leadership within existing teaching bodies.

Access to network

A partnership with us offers school principals the opportunity to further develop a network of like-minded leaders. We deeply value the national partner school principal network and seek its guidance on various matters.

What’s involved?

Partner schools sign a Partnership Agreement with Teach For Australia. This agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of each party that contribute to the development of Associates and allow for maximum Associate impact.

Partner schools commit to providing each Associate with a supportive environment. They also commit to providing Associates with an in-school mentor.


Partner schools commit to providing each Associate with a salary equivalent to approximately 80 per cent of a graduate teacher’s salary.

Time release

Each Associate is provided time release of 0.2 FTE to study and meet with their Teaching and Leadership Adviser, school-academic mentor and in-school mentor.


Partner schools allow Associates to teach in method areas in which they are enrolled as part of their Master of Teaching.

What's the next step?

Stephanie Simson

Program Operations Director

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