What do you get?

We work individually with each school in order to
develop a partnership that suits your context.

We work individually with each school in order to develop a partnership that suits the context of the school and supports the needs of the students and wider community.

School experience and expertise

We value the experience and expertise of partner schools.

Throughout the year, partner schools are invited to directly engage with applicants, Associates, Alumni, and other key stakeholders at various events, including:

  • Selection days
  • Initial Intensive
  • TransformED – Teach For Australia’s annual conference.

At each event, partner schools are encouraged to share experiences, contribute insights and discuss challenges.

Shared best practice

In order to evaluate the impact of Associates and Alumni, we invite partner schools to participate in regular research via focus groups and surveys. The research focuses on the achievements, progression and aspirations of students as well as their attitudes towards school.

Research findings are shared with partner schools to support their improvement aims. The findings also allow us and ultimately the partnership to continually improve.

Culture of leadership

Our Leadership Development Program is not limited to Associates. Through Teach For Australia, partner schools have the opportunity to further foster a culture of leadership within existing teacher bodies.

Contact us to find out more about how a partnership with us can support access to professional development and learning opportunities for emerging school leaders.

Access to network

A partnership with us offers school principals the opportunity to further develop a network of likeminded leaders.

We deeply value the national partner school principal network and seek its guidance on various matters, regularly, including:

  • Training of Associates.
  • Program growth and development.
  • Initiatives that have potential to add value to partnerships.

Alumni network

Schools are invited to advertise vacancies within our alumni network. Furthermore, we can assist partner schools to identify potential candidates for middle and senior leadership roles.

Having completed the Leadership Development Program, many Teach For Australia Alumni hold senior schools leadership positions and have insight into the challenges schools face, innovative ideas and successful experiences.

Global network

Teach For Australia is a partner of Teach For All – a global network of over 40 organisations that are working to expand educational opportunities across various nations.

Teach For All partners aspire to the vision that one day all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Teach For All aims to increase and accelerate the impact of partner organisations by sharing the learnings and resources of those within the network.

What’s involved?

Partner schools commit to:

  • Providing each Associate with a supportive environment.
  • Providing each Associate with a salary equivalent to approximately 80 per cent of a graduate teacher’s salary;
  • Providing each Associate time release of 0.2 FTE t study and meet with the Teaching and Leadership Advisor, school academic mentor and in-school mentor.
  • Providing each in-school mentor time release of equivalent of 0.1 FTE (reduced to 0.05 FTE in year two).
  • Allowing Associates to teach in the method areas in which they are enrolled as part of their Master of Teaching.

Partner schools sign a Partner Agreement with Teach For Australia. This agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of each party that contribute to partnership impact. We work through the details of the Partnership Agreement with all partner schools.