Eligibility & selection criteria

The Leadership Development Program pushes participants’ boundaries and tests resilience, problem solving and organisational and planning ability like no other. Throughout the selection process, candidates are rigorously assessed against eight competencies.

Eligibility requirements

  • Candidates must be a citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia.
  • Candidates must have completed (or be in the final stage of completing) at least a Bachelor Degree in any discipline by the end of 2018.
  • Candidates must not already hold, be enrolled in, or be on track to complete a Degree in Education.
  • Candidates must have already completed (or be on track to successfully complete) a major study in at least one of the currently open learning areas. Learning areas are based on degree specialisations and close as we fill vacancies. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to ensure their area of study is still accepting applications. Find current learning area status here.
  • Candidates can only apply once in a calendar year. In the case of an unsuccessful application, candidates are warmly encouraged to reapply in future years. Feedback is available to all candidates who reach the final stage of the selection process.

Selection criteria

Teach For Australia Associates don’t start out as teachers – in fact, they come from all academic disciplines and a variety of backgrounds. Teaching may or may not be something that you have previously considered. We look for well-rounded and passionate individuals who have the qualities to create change, inside the classroom and beyond.

We are driven by school demand and our priority is to provide Associates in the subjects they need. In order to gain a placement in the 2019 Cohort, you have to be willing to be placed in at least one of our jurisdictions AND have learning areas that are currently in demand. Low placement flexibility and a small number of subjects could mean a placement is not found for you.

The selection process

We assess candidates using a three stage process.

Stage One – The Online Assessment

The opportunity to demonstrate your past experience and why you want to participate in the Leadership Development Program. You will need your University transcripts and an up to date CV. We also recommend chatting with one of our Recruitment Managers before pressing submit.

Stage Two – The Phone Interview

Stage two is completed over the phone and is the chance for us to get to know your motivations further and understand what you could bring as an Associate in Cohort 2019.

Stage Three – Selection Day

A Selection Day is a full day assessment centre, comprising of a number of activities. We assess your ability, skills and experiences many times, in numerous ways to ensure we have the right people heading into the classroom in January.

Your experience of a Selection Day will depend on where you are based. If you are based outside of the cities where we conduct our Selection Days, you will be invited to complete the Selection Day interview, virtually, first. Using the evidence gathered in the previous two stages along with your virtual interview responses, we will then decide whether to bring you through to complete further activities in person at a Selection Day. If interstate travel is required Teach For Australia will cover the costs.

We run Selection Days from May through to September and would encourage you to submit your application as soon as you are ready to secure the most convenient date and the chance to participate in Cohort 2019.

Through the selection process, candidates are assessed against eight competencies based on evidence of effectiveness in the classroom.

  1. Leadership and achievement: Have you gained significant, measurable results at university, extracurricular activities and/or work? Have you demonstrated leadership and achievement in your endeavours?
  2. Commitment to mission: Are you eager to bring about change and make a difference in the lives of the students you teach? Do you passionately and actively believe in the power of education as a force for social justice? Read more about how to convey the “commitment to mission” competency on our blog.
  3. Communication and influencing ability: Are you a clear and confident communicator and are you able to influence and motivate others? Do you have maturity and presence? Are you an active listener?
  4. Problem solving: Are you able to think critically, analyse information and generate relevant solutions to problems?
  5. Organisational and planning ability: Are you able to plan, organise and prioritise your activities effectively to meet deadlines?
  6. Resilience: Are you willing to work hard with resilience and optimism to overcome obstacles? Do you relish a challenge and are you driven to succeed?
  7. Humility, respect and empathy: Do you operate with humility? Do you show respect and empathy towards others? Do you look for the best in the people around you?
  8. Learning and self-evaluation: Are you driven to succeed? Are you open to learning from others and do you seek out opportunities to do so? Do you take ownership for development with regards to your own performance? Read more about how to convey the “learning and self-evaluation” competency on our blog.


We recognise that these competencies can be developed through a range of experiences and all applications are looked at holistically. We harness different perspectives, experiences and talents in order to continually learn and best serve our culturally diverse school communities.

We are committed to ensuring that all applicants are treated fairly and with respect, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, religion or ability. We are happy to discuss reasonable adjustments to the recruitment process to accommodate your particular circumstances.