Rigorously recruit Australia’s top talent into teaching

Teach For Australia recruits talented future leaders (university graduates with non-education degrees, young professionals and career changers) to teach in schools and communities of greatest need for a minimum of two years.

By changing graduate preferences so that high-achievers choose to teach, and do so in low socioeconomic communities, Teach For Australia is unlocking a critical untapped source of talent for the teaching profession.

Our model attracts Australia’s top talent through intensive recruitment on university campuses across the country and an innovative marketing campaign.

Young Australians are attracted to Teach For Australia because of:

  • the mission to address educational disadvantage;
  • the opportunity to make an immediate impact;
  • the selective, high-quality nature of the program;
  • the ability to develop strong leadership skills;
  • and the ability to earn a wage as they contribute in the classroom while concurrently earning a Master of Teaching degree.

Through a rigorous multi-stage selection process, applicants are assessed against eight competencies that evidence shows are critical to effective teaching.


Teach For Australia is transforming the status of teaching among top talent on university campuses around Australia.

Since 2010, Teach For Australia has received almost 8,000 applications. Only seven per cent of applicants after selected to participate in the program, reflecting the highly selective nature of the program.

Teach For Australia finished in 60th place in the 2017 Top 100 Graduate Employer Rankings by GradAustralia and as the only non-profit organisation.

Among Associates, the average Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is 90 or above and 100 per cent have significant leadership skills and experience.

Teach For Australia has proven a powerful means of attracting STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) graduates, such as Dr David Hosken.

Dr Hosken is a physicist with a PhD in the development of high power lasers and a research scientist. He played a part in the recent landmark discovery of gravitational waves, before realising his dream of inspiring students through the power of science.


All Associates placed have at least a bachelor’s degree and 43 per cent have an advanced university degree, with over 50 per cent entering the program as a young professional or career changer. In 2017, over 80 per cent have professional work experience and one in five are fluent in a language other than English.

International experience indicates that Teach For Australia’s ability to attract top talent will grow.

Around the world, there are approximately 40 locally developed “Teach For” style organisations that are part of a collaborative network called Teach For All , the longest running being Teach For America founded in 1990 and Teach First in the United Kingdom founded in 2003. These organisations attracted around 44,000 and 8,000 applications in 2015, from diverse backgrounds.

In 2012, 10 per cent of Oxford and Cambridge graduates applied to join Teach First. (Sutton Trust 2015)

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