Be sustainably funded by governments and philanthropy.

Teach For Australia was launched in 2009 with core funding from the Australian Government. Since, we have continued to receive bipartisan support for our ongoing operations and continued growth.

In 2016, we received a renewed commitment from the Australian Government of $20.5 million. This allows us to place up to 300 Associates in schools serving low socioeconomic communities over a three year period.

The Australian Government is responsible for higher education and focused on improving the quality of initial teacher education. They also lead initiatives, which measure and lift teacher quality and student outcomes, build STEM skills, ensure regional communities remain vibrant and address Indigenous disadvantage.

As such, support from the Australian Government is critical to our funding base and we are proud to be an Australian Government initiative.

In 2014, we began seeking corporate and philanthropic funding with our newly acquired Deductible Gift Recipient status and, in 2015, we increased out efforts towards income diversification, to change the proportions of funding sought from corporate and philanthropic organisations as well as state and territory governments.


Philanthropic support has enabled innovations in the delivery of our Leadership Development Program and has helped us to expand our program offerings to include EdFellows and Teach To Lead.

It has also ensured that we can realise our growth objectives, supporting expansion into new states and territories and helping us to scale above levels funded by government. Our program delivers significant value to schools and students in the states and territories in which our Associates are placed.

Successful adoption of the program will be realised through increased investment from state and territory governments. As we continue to diversify our funding base, we project a significant increase in state contributions.

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