Teach To Lead


How do I know if my school is eligible?

To be eligible your school should have an ICSEA (Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage) score below 1000. You can find this information at www.myschool.edu.au.

How do I know if I am eligible?

You are eligible for the program if your school has an ICSEA below 1000 and you are in a position of responsibility where you lead a team of adults and have the opportunity to deliver professional development and provide coaching to other teachers (at least one).

I work in a faith-based school but still meet the eligibility requirements, can I apply?

Yes. However, Victorian faith-based schools would be expected to apply for National Fellowships, as faith-based schools are not subsidised by the Victorian Government partnership.

My school’s ICSEA is just above 1000. Can I still apply?

Please email info@teachtolead.org so that we can see if your school is eligible using additional data points.

I’m an Assistant/Acting Principal can I apply?

We welcome applications from those in more senior roles of responsibility, as long as your role includes responsibility for:

  • leading a team focused on teaching and learning,
  • delivering PD,
  • coaching at least one staff member and
  • leading feedback conversations.

Typically, more senior roles involve all of this… and more! You can access our key objectives here to ensure they are areas that are relevant to your development.

How does the recruitment process work?

All applicants complete an online application form. The first section determines your eligibility to join the program and the second asks three questions to ascertain your leadership potential. If successful, you will be invited to one of our selection days.

Both the application form and selection day performance are assessed against our competency framework. Should you meet our requirements in both, you will be formally issued an invitation to join the program (reliant on the endorsement of your school leader).

Can I apply if I am not currently in a leadership role but would be by the time the program commenced?

Yes, as long as your new role will meet the above-listed eligibility requirements.

Should I still apply if I can only attend some of the workshops?

The workshops are a compulsory component of the program. We expect Fellows to attend all sessions. In special circumstances a Fellow might be permitted to miss one session but would be required to complete catch up work.

Given the national scope of the program, the dates chosen have taken multiple school calendars into account. Unfortunately, we are unable to alter dates for specific individuals or regions.

What are the workshops like? Is there a lot of pre-work and/or homework?

The workshops use an approach that is a balance of new content and active and interactive application of, and reflection on the content. Each session aligns to our Leadership Competency Framework.

Fellows are normally expected to complete some short preparation activities, such as brief pre-reading or identifying relevant connections to the content (which will then be used in the session) and sessions are followed up with some homework.

However, homework typically involves implementing the new content and strategies learnt in the session. It is therefore not additional work and is relevant to maximising your role back at your school.

I’m a principal. Can I endorse multiple applicants at my school? (E.g. all of my Leading Teachers)

Teach To Lead welcomes applications from anyone who meets our eligibility criteria. However, we assess all of our applicants as individuals.

The process is fair and rigorous. As a result we cannot commit to group endorsements. Each application is judged on individual merit.

Is the program limited to Teacher/Principal class, or could my Business Manager or HR Leader take part?

While we certainly recognise the significant role an effective Business Manager or HR Leader plays in a high performing school, the Teach To Lead program is only open to teachers and school leaders.

The content of the program is centred on providing excellent leadership in order to raise student achievement. As a result, our Fellows are required to be directly accountable for student achievement and outcomes.

Do you have the 2017 dates yet?

Yes. You can find them here.

I live in a state/territory other than Victoria. Will any sessions take place near me? How would other aspects of the program work for me?

In 2017, our workshops will take place in Victoria and travel will be funded through the National Fellowship. Leadership coaching will be provided in a mix of workshops and virtual sessions, ensuring a strong coaching relationship regardless of distance.

What happens if I choose to take Parental Leave during the program?

Teach To Lead are committed to supporting all of our Fellows. If you chose to take parental leave we would work with you in order to accommodate this. For more information contact us at info@teachtolead.org.