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30 March 2017

What can you do?

You can contribute to an Australia where all children, regardless of background, attain an excellent education.

Every day, people dedicate their professional lives to tackling educational disadvantage or donate time, resources or funds to schools and education-based organisations that work to confront educational disadvantage.

Still, too many children are not able to reach their potential at school.

By working together to support teachers, schools and governments, we can create an equitable and excellent education system that enables students to build a future that they choose.

Recognise the importance of teachers

  • Acknowledge the contribution made by the teachers and schools leaders in your life that strive towards educational excellence and equity.
  • Use public forums such as social media to recognise the dedication of teachers across Australia.
  • Encourage people you think would make great teachers to enter the profession.

Stay informed

  • Watch Testing Teachers, a SBS documentary that follows early career teachers working in schools serving disadvantaged communities.

Get involved

  • Support a local school in your area:
    • If you’re a parent of a school student, enquire at their school about volunteering opportunities.
    • If you have children but they’re not yet old enough for school, explore volunteering activities at the schools you are considering sending them too.
    • If you don’t have children, this isn’t a barrier to being involved – ask at the local school in your area to find out about upcoming events and volunteering possibilities.
  • If you’re a private business owner, enquire at your local schools about in kind partnerships.
  • Write a letter or email to your government representatives about education related matters that you believe are crucial to drive an education system of excellence and equity.
  • If you’re a school leader, enquire with Teach For Australia about becoming a school partner to add highly effective and dedicated new teachers to your staff.
  • If you’ve thought about becoming a teacher, apply for the Teach For Australia program.