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1 April 2017

Meet Emmanuel

"I hope that the audience will gain a deeper understanding of the extent of educational disadvantage that abounds in Australia."

“Our children are absolutely beautiful and intelligent and deserve the very best that our education system has to offer.”
AGE: 26

Before coming to Australia, Emmanuel had minimal formal education.

He grew up in Rwanda and refugee camps in Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe before moving to Hobart to complete his education.

After graduating from Rosny College in Hobart, Emmanuel went on to complete a Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics) and Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial Studies) at Monash University in Melbourne.

He was inspired to join Teach For Australia because the Leadership Development Program was an amalgamation of all that he values: education, challenges, difference and giving back.

“I was inspired by Teach For Australia’s focus on educational equity, something that I really care about, and an opportunity to challenge myself in a non-typical graduate job.”

“I have many people that have trusted and believed in me. I now have one of the most important roles in our society – to educate our young people.”

Emmanuel has loved teaching mathematics and science and strives to make his subjects exciting and engaging for his students.

“I believe that children are naturally curious and have questions about the world and science and mathematics provide powerful tools and frameworks to engage these curiosities and hopefully find answers to these questions.”

Reflecting on his own journey, Emmanuel appreciates the teachers who have helped him along the way.

“Thank your Mr Mukangayi (Tongogare refugee camp) for showing that even in the most adverse and disadvantaged circumstances a true teacher can spark a student’s interest in a subject that is eternal in time.”

“You were the first teacher to believe in me which in turn made me believe in myself too.”

As a result, he wants his own students to never let their current circumstances define their fate.

“Education can literally liberate a person in all aspects: economically, spiritually, intellectually and morally.”

To those considering a career in teaching, he recommends going for it.

“There is no single moment where you will be bored. That is impossible.”

For Emmanuel, the best experience of participating in Testing Teachers has been the privilege of sharing his teaching philosophy and journey with Australia.

“I hope that the audience will gain a deeper understanding of the extent of educational disadvantage that abound in Australia.”