Frequently asked questions

What is Teach For Australia?

Teach For Australia is an ambitious non-profit organisation working to break the cycle of disadvantage through teaching and leadership in education. Our vision is of an Australia where all children, regardless of background, attain an excellent education.

What is educational disadvantage?

Educational disadvantage describes the challenges that students in our education system experience as a result of their social and/or historical background, including their socioeconomic status, ethnic heritage and location.

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We have an oversupply of teachers in Australia, why do we need more?

We work exclusively with schools in low socioeconomic communities to fill actual vacancies. Almost half of our partner schools are located in regional or remote communities and have difficulty staffing and retaining their workforce. We help to fill critical shortages in the subject areas of English, science, mathematics and languages.

Are Teach For Australia Associates qualified to teach?

The Leadership Development Program is a two-year employment-based pathway into teaching. Associates study a Master of Teaching (Secondary) while working in the profession. Associates are already degree qualified in their teaching subject areas and complete 25 per cent of the Master of Teaching and a two-week school practicum before entering the classroom.

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Why do people apply for Teach For Australia instead of pursuing higher earning potential careers in their specialised field?

As a non-profit organisation, we offer Associates the opportunity to take part in a movement of social change through which they can have immediate impact. The employment-based Leadership Development Program removes the income-barrier that stops many graduates from pursuing further education, while the rigorous training provided sees Associate excel rapidly once they enter the profession.

What kind of support do Teach For Australia Associates receive during the two-year program?

Together with our partner university and partner schools, Teach For Australia provides Associates with extensive dedicated in-school and external mentoring, coaching and support. Schools provide Associates with one day off per week to receive this support and complete their teaching qualification over two years.

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Do Teach For Australia Associates continue teaching after the program?

Ninety-five per cent of Associates complete their two-year teaching placement through the Leadership Development Program. Approximately 65 per cent of Alumni remain in teaching after three or more years and almost 80 per cent of those who are not currently teaching plan to return throughout their career.

How is Teach For Australia funded?

We are primarily funded by government as well as corporate and philanthropic organisations. Currently, the Australian Government Department of Education and Training is a major supporter of Teach For Australia yet we are continually diversifying our funding sources.

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Why doesn’t Teach For Australia work with schools in all states and territories?

The first cohort of Teach For Australia Associates were placed in Victorian schools in 2010. Within two years, we expanded our network of school partners to the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. In 2015, we expanded again into Western Australian schools and for the first time in 2017, we have partnered with schools in Tasmania.

While we seek to continue to increase our reach and impact within the communities in which we already work, we are in ongoing conversation with schools, communities and governments in Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales about how the Leadership Development Program might meet the needs of their schools.

What kind of impact is Teach For Australia having?

We are building a movement driven by a shared vision.

Through our Leadership Development Program, we have placed 831 highly effective teachers across 182 schools across Australia, impacting the lives of over 235,000 students.

Together with our partner schools, we seek to ensure that students achieve significant academic growth, experience increased access to opportunities, develop positive attitudes and develop aspirations that propel them forward.

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