Support for Associates

Associates are guided by a support network of experienced teachers,
mentors and leadership coaches.

Throughout the Teach For Australia two year program, Associates are guided by a support network  with whom they develop close working relationships.

Teaching and Leadership Advisers

We employ Teaching and Leadership Advisors (TLAs), who support Associates in line with the Teach For Australia Leadership Development Program.

TLAs are qualified and experienced teachers and leaders with expertise in instructional coaching. TLAs typically visit Associates and make classroom observations once every two to three weeks, and coordinate and align Associate support between key individuals such as principals, Academic and in-school mentors.

School-Academic Mentor

Our partner university, ACU, provides Associates with direct support via an Academic Mentor.

Academic Mentors work with Associates to ensure that pedagogical development obtained via the Master of Teaching (Secondary) translates into practise and, ultimately, student outcomes.


In-School Mentor

In-school mentors play an integral role in supporting Associates throughout the two year program. They support Associate integration into the school community as well as supporting the work of Associates through lesson planning, observation and feedback. The in-school mentor role spans the two year program, however, the intensity and nature of the role changes from year to year.

In-school mentors are selected by the partner schools. We work closely with partner schools and employing authorities to ensure arrangements that enable effective mentoring are made.

The Cohort Community

We build a cohort community by bringing Associates together for a range of social and mission focused events and activities during the pre-program period, the Initial Intensive, subsequent intensive programs and regional meetings.

Sustained through virtual platforms, Associates develop vital connections with one another.