Mentor Development Program

A two-year program building best-practice skills for effective mentoring for School Mentors

As part of Teach For Australia’s Leadership Development Program, our Partner Schools commit to providing a School Mentor as on-the-ground contextual support, complementing Associates’ Teaching and Leadership Adviser and Academic Mentor.

Teach For Australia School Mentors

The School Mentor is an important part of ensuring the development and effectiveness of Associates. Selected by school principals, School Mentors observe Associate teaching, provide reflective feedback and collaborate with the Associate’s broader support network.

School Mentors benefit from a comprehensive two-year training program provided by Teach For Australia.

Effective mentoring practices are developed through an evidence-based professional learning curriculum. Designed to build best-practice skills and knowledge for effective mentoring, Teach For Australia’s Mentor Development Program supports mentor teachers’ professional growth through learning modules, regional professional learning communities and collaborative practice.

Effective mentoring improves student outcomes

Mentoring helps to nurture early career teachers in the beginning stages of their professional growth.

Research has consistently found that new teachers experience a range of benefits from quality mentoring relationships, including emotional support, increased confidence, improved self reflection, problem solving capabilities and the development of classroom management practices and norms.1

These benefits provide a strong foundation for mentees to begin growing as teachers and to become increasingly effective in the classroom. The relationship is mutually beneficial, with mentors also reporting benefits to their own professional development and learning.2

1 Hobson, A. J., Ashby, P., Malderez, A., & Tomlinson, P. D. (2009). Mentoring beginning teachers: What we know and what we don’t. Teaching and teacher education, 25(1), 207-216.

2 Lopez-Real, R., Kwan, T. (2005). Mentors’ perceptions of their roles in mentoring student teachers. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education 33(3), 275-287.

The quality and diligence of the Associates is exceptionally high. With the right mentoring and coaching they have what it takes to go beyond expectations, providing students and your school with rich learning opportunities.

—Everal Miocevich, Principal at Southern River College, WA.
Partner School since 2015.

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