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Community Consultation

What are your hopes and aspirations for education in 2030, and what will it take to get there?

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This year, we celebrate 10 years of Teach For Australia. This milestone is an occasion for us to reflect on our origins, journey and what we have achieved as a community over the past decade. To commemorate these stories and achievements, earlier this year, we published a 10 year timeline.

Looking back at a decade of stories of perseverance, dedication and successes, it’s natural to wonder what the next ten might hold. We enter this decade with a community 831 strong of Associates and Alumni. As a community, we’ve reached over 235,000 students so far and the next decade holds more potential than ever.

As we embark on this next decade, we are launching a community consultation to ask: What are your hopes and aspirations for education in 2030, and what will it take to get there?

We want to hear from teachers, students, principals, parents and anyone who is a part of an Australian community. Results of the community consultation will be published at the end of the year.

We urge you to consider and explore:

  • How would you describe ‘educational disadvantage’ as you have seen it, either in the classroom, or in a different related, professional capacity?
  • What have you seen work in alleviating this problem?
  • What more do you think can be done?
  • What are the most significant barriers in achieving educational equity in Australia? What are the key things that need to happen at a systems level?
  • What stories can you/we tell to bring the real challenges in the education system to life?
  • How do you think the status of teaching can be improved?
  • In the next ten years, what do you think it will take to: Improve student outcomes? Get more great people to consider teaching – and in particular, STEM/areas of great need? Encourage teachers to become school leaders? Close the gap?
  • What are the key barriers you’ve faced in improving student outcomes
  • What more do you think that TFA can do to improve student outcomes?
  • In closing – how would you sum up your hopes and aspirations for students and education in Australia in 2030?

How can you share your vision?

Online survey

Share your hopes and aspirations using our online survey. The survey closes on 30 September 2019.


Go beyond words and get creative using the hashtag #tfanext10. Share your thoughts and ideas through posts, photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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