How to apply

The Application Process

The process starts with an online application, and all the

activities are designed to highlight what you excel at so

we can work together to develop your unique skillset further

We are looking for classroom teachers who aspire to develop their leadership skills to improve students and school outcomes in regional and remote communities.

Applications for Cohort 2021 of the Future Leaders Program are now closed. Register your interest in future cohorts below.


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The selection process

The selection process has been designed to help you show off your capabilities, connect with other aspiring school leaders, support you in understanding your strengths and identifying areas for growth. It is not a competitive process. The application and selection activities are designed to highlight what you excel at, so we can work with you to develop your unique skill set further.

The application process involves the following steps – noting the overarching goal is that it will be of value to you and importantly, fun!

Online application form

This is where we get to know you; your background, your goals and your educational experience so far. We want to hear about a positive story from your classroom, see a lesson you have planned, understand a lesson you’ve learnt and start to develop your goal for the program.

Virtual Selection Centre

The Virtual Selection Centre provides you with an opportunity to connect other aspiring school leaders! Taking place over Zoom, at a time that suits your teaching schedule, this component will run for approximately one and a half hours. During this time, you will have a chance to meet other passionate teachers from across the country and participate in scenario-based activity, which is designed to help us better understand your skills and mindsets.

Strengths test

Not designed to be a test, this is an opportunity to understand your professional preferences and to help us tailor the program content to your developmental needs.

Group debrief

During an hour-long virtual session you will debrief your results with other program participants to understand what you have in common and to learn from each other’s experiences and contexts. This is designed to help you start to build a developmental plan for the program.

Connection with coach

This is the last step before the program begins and is an opportunity to connect with an expert leadership coach. We use this conversation to understand your experience so far, your connections with your community and your development plan. It’s also a great opportunity to ask any questions you have!

Diversity and accessibility

We dedicate ourselves to harnessing different perspectives, experiences and talents in order to continually learn and best serve our culturally diverse schools and communities. We recognise that what we look for in candidates can be developed through a range of experiences and all applications are looked at holistically.

The FLP Team is committed to delivering an inclusive application and selection process that ensures all participants have access to a quality program that meets their diverse needs. If you have any access requirements in order to participate in our program or selection process please email us here and a member of the team will contact you to discuss your requirements further.

The Future Leaders Program is delivered with the support of the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.