Associates have been teaching in the ACT since 2011. Teach For Australia and the ACT Directorate of Education have reached a decision not to partner in 2019. During our successful eight year partnership, we placed 57 Associates across 15 schools in the ACT, notably in hard-to-fill STEM subjects. Learn more.

Teaching in the ACT is a distinctly unique experience. Canberra is a vibrant city with the feeling of a small country town. In the ACT, a location is considered “far” if it is more than 20 minutes’ drive, making travel to and from school extremely easy.

Associates love the bush walking opportunities, the ease of commuting to work and the closeness of things, which in turn engenders a strong sense of community among Associates and Alumni in the area.

Metropolitan Canberra

Canberra is an extremely livable city, home to approximately 350,000 people and fantastic farmer’s markets.

Just a three-hour drive from Sydney, Canberra is a relatively small city surrounded by forest and farmland it is a fantastic place for bushwalks, bike rides and other outdoor weekend adventures. Canberra is the center of Australian politics, with easy access to Parliament house, the National Gallery, the National Library and Questacon, among many other museums, providing teachers with a rich array of resources and activities for students.

Disadvantage is often masked by the demographics of Canberra, as most schools hold a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, high and low.

“Disadvantage in the ACT is much more complex, due to the way in which the ACT has purposefully created geographical zones of mixed SES demographics. My job often entails balancing, in the one classroom, the needs of students from an extraordinarily diverse range of backgrounds. My school in Canberra is also extremely culturally diverse, and there is a mix of students from all sorts of religious and ethnic backgrounds.”
– Vincent Chiang (Cohort 2016) was placed at Gold Creek School in Canberra