Program structure

Several components make up the program to ensure you are continually supported and developing throughout the two years.

Let’s take a closer look at the three main elements of the program structure.

National Initial Intensive

National Initial Intensive (NII) is a residential training program that starts in November before you start teaching the next year. It’s designed to prepare you with the foundations for entering the classroom: you’ll complete a portion of your Master’s and meet your peers from within your cohort and beyond.

  • Online preparation: From September, you’ll be able to access a series of online learning modules preparing you for NII. You’ll complete these modules before you come to NII.
  • National Initial Intensive: From mid-November to December 2020, you’ll partake in residential program in Melbourne with the entirety of your cohort. You’ll complete face-to-face as well as self-directed learning during this time, ensuring that you develop in accordance with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. You’ll also get to know your peers within your cohort. A core, exciting portion of NII is the school practicum: you’ll spend ten days at a local school, immersing yourself in the school environment, working directly with students and beginning your hands-on teaching experience.
  • Regional Initial Intensive: After a break for the holidays, in January 2021 you’ll join your regional cohort for a second, more contextualised residential program in the capital city of your placement state/territory. You’ll also meet Associates and Alumni outside of your cohort who are working within your region, connecting with the broader network of support available to you.

Teaching & leadership development

You will continually develop your teaching and leadership skills throughout the program, while connecting with the broader Teach For Australia community.

  • Regional professional development: Throughout the school year, you will complete professional development sessions contributing to your to degree’s assessment requirements. You’ll further develop context around the needs of students, schools and communities, as well as the broader issues that affect education equity in Australia.
  • Intensive programs: Over the two years, you’ll undertake three additional intensive programs during school holidays as part of your Master’s degree. These programs allow you to reconnect with your cohort and the broader Teach For Australia community, reflect on personal and collective growth to date and complete additional face-to-face professional development.
  • Coaching: In addition to ongoing self-reflection and development conversations, Teaching and Leadership Advisers observe Associates’ teaching practice in the classroom. Following each observation, you will debrief with your Teaching and Leadership Adviser to discuss your progress, achievements and challenges, helping you to develop targeted strategies to continuously improve your practice.

Earning your Master’s of Teaching

Delivered in partnership with ACU and embedded within the program, Teach For Australia Associates complete a nationally accredited and internationally recognised Master of Teaching (Secondary) (Professional Practice).

  • Learning modules: Associates complete learning modules through workshops, tutorials, lectures primarily delivered face-to-face during intensive programs and via online learning platforms during teaching periods. You will complete learning modules in personal leadership, learning and development, preparing purposefully, implementing effectively, engaging professionally, literacy and numeracy and promoting well-being. You will also complete modules in the two learning areas that they are eligible to teach.
  • Assessments: Assessments, based on smaller learning increments and teaching practice in the classroom, enable you to manage the demanding requirements of the program and progressively build a portfolio of evidence that successfully demonstrates the learning outcomes of each module.