Aaran, Cohort 2013

Aaran Mohann

Cohort 2013

Life before Teach For Australia

University graduate

Teaching Areas


Current Employment

Pricing Analyst, Water Corporation

Aaran was at a crossroads when he left university. He had a Maths degree, and wanted to do something meaningful. “I’d been involved with a lot of community initiatives at university, and I wanted to give back,” he says. So he decided to apply for Teach For Australia.

As a teacher, “I had a great rapport with my students, no matter their age or academic background, and I used that to leverage that into learning. I have a passion for Mathematics, for its power and beauty – and having a chance to share that with young developing minds was, in a word, awesome.”

The program offered him the gratification of doing good, and also let him build up his skills. “While I was always confident in speaking in front of a group of people, teaching helped me understand the importance of connection in building rapport and working towards achieving a shared outcome. I had to very quickly develop better time management and prioritisation skills as well as general organisation. These skills have held me in good stead throughout my career.”