Jun, Cohort 2014

Jun Zhang

Cohort 2014

Life before Teach For Australia


Teaching Areas

Legal Studies, Chinese –Mandarin, English as an Additional, Humanities

Current Employment

Policy Manager at the Department of Education (Victoria)

Jun wanted to do something meaningful and impactful in his life. Originally from Brisbane, he was considering his career options in law and diplomacy, but teaching wasn’t on his list… until he learned about Teach For Australia.

“I never intended to be a teacher until I found Teach For Australia, where I could work towards a bigger goal of systemic change and impact,” he says.

“My placement was in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. My school was very multicultural and diverse which made the place really interesting. I had a wonderful experience at my school and loved working with all the different type of students as well as interacting with the different parents.”

“I learnt that I was quite capable of adapting to situations quickly and that I could lead. It really set up an orientation in myself that I could do anything and helped me to apply for my senior positions after the Leadership Development Program.”

Jun is now a Policy Manager at the Department of Education in Victoria, committed to a vision of an Australia where all children, regardless of background, achieve an excellent education. “I know that to address educational disadvantage, it requires multiple players in multiple sectors. But the thing I miss about teaching is interacting with young people each day and helping them grow and learn.”