Kath, Cohort 2019

Kath Fraser

Cohort 2019

Life before Teach For Australia

Manager at Ernst & Young

Teaching Areas

Legal Studies, Accounting, History

Current Employment

Classroom Teacher at Mill Park Secondary College

After nearly nine years in the corporate world, Kath realised that she wasn’t doing what she loved. “I had plenty of time working for commercial gain,” she says, “And knew I wanted a renewed focus on doing something that is beneficial to society as a whole.” She wanted a career with more social interaction, and less time sitting behind a desk. She wanted to pass on the opportunities she had in her education to another generation of students.

But Kath didn’t want to put her life on hold to change careers. “A priority for me was to not feel that I was taking a step backwards in my professional life, and taking two years out of paid work to attend a conventional Masters degree,” Kath says. “The draw of the Leadership Development Program is that it throws you in to work straight away – and that very much suited me.”

“The most rewarding part of the program is that I get to form new connections every day with those who are either in the education system (students) or are passionate about improving it (Associates, staff, other teachers). To be able to guide my students through subjects that I love and to see them become interested in and motivated to pursue the subject is really something.”