Immediate Impact Network

Not graduating yet? You can still build your leadership skills and have an immediate impact on Australian students right now.

About the network

The Immediate Impact Network is a group of well-rounded and passionate individuals who have the desire to use their careers to create change, wherever they are.

While you need at least a Bachelor’s Degree to apply for the Leadership Development Program, the Immediate Impact Network is a group of first, second and third year university students, as well as curious career changers who are interested in orienting their career towards social change and equity, including educational equity.



Lead-Up Education Experience

On Teach For Australia’s three-day Lead-Up Education Experience, use your summer to kick-start your career, grow your leadership, and develop a deep understanding of the ‘on the ground’ issues that confront the education of Australia’s young people. 

As it stands, not every child in Australia has access to the education they deserve: children from the lowest income households are on average three years behind in school. Teach For Australia seeks to break the cycle of educational inequity and we invite you to join us over summer to kick-start a career of action towards educational equity.

Gain insight into Teach For Australia’s one-of-a-kind graduate Leadership Development Program and kick-start your career on our virtual Lead-Up Education Experience. This experience lasts three days and will give you insight into the life of a Teach For Australia Associate and a chance to Lead-Up in a new way. 

During the ‘Lead-Up’ experience, you will learn how Associates combine training, work and life. You’ll see how even young leaders can create immediate impact and you will grow your own leadership capacity by working with like-minded individuals on a proposal to give students access to the education all young people deserve. The impact you have could be immediate. 

We’ll also give you the low-down on how to apply for the Leadership Development Program and which subjects will help you step into the classroom. 

Over the three days you will:

  • Engage in dialogue with teachers, students and leaders to deepen your understanding of issues they are facing, and how they are working to address these problems. 
  • Work with a multi-disciplinary team of students and an Alum mentor to propose a plan to address these issues.
  • Perfect your presentation skills using the techniques for engagement that teachers use every day and present your proposal to leaders in the education and social enterprise sector. 
  • Work on your own leadership skills in areas like building teams, creating shared goals, maintaining motivation, and leveraging others’ insights to find innovative solutions.


Eligibility and applications

To participate in the experience, you must be currently enrolled in a university program other than Education and be scheduled to graduate in 2021 or 2022. In response to the current climate, the experience will take place entirely online, in response to the COVID crisis. 

We welcome people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

At Teach For Australia, we believe that education should include everybody. We recognise, celebrate and hope to integrate a diverse group of students into our programs. This experience is no different. We encourage you to apply if you enjoy working with others, are interested in how education can help change the world for the better or enjoy learning from others. 

We welcome applications from those who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, are from a refugee background, are LGBTQI or have experienced barriers in their own education. 

Apply now

TFA Virtual Experience

Are you interested in the Leadership Development Program and want to find out more about what it’s like? If so, Teach for Australia has launched three new Virtual Experience Programs, to give you an in-depth look at what life as a teacher looks like with Teach for Australia. 

These programs require no previous work experience, are 100% free, and are self-paced so you are able to set your own goals.

In a few in-depth modules and practice tasks, you’ll learn how to inspire students, build a community, and create the building blocks towards educational equity. Whether you’re working through your education, still exploring opportunities, or want to build a strong skill set, this program is made for you.

These programs are designed to highlight three different components of the Teach for Australia experience. Sign up at the links below.