Our Alumni

Taking a lifetime of action towards educational equity

Our Alumni are part of a dedicated and diverse movement taking a lifetime of action towards educational equity.

To address the many complex and deep-rooted factors causing educational inequity, our Alumni are committed to a lifetime of action for change. Regardless of the careers they take, Alumni continue to work collectively with each other, with agency and efficacy, to strive for improved outcomes for all children. There are six salient actions that our Alumni take towards educational equity; our Alumni continue to:


Our Alumni continue to teach and work with students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. This may be by working professionally as a teacher or in other formal or informal capacities such as tutoring, coaching or mentoring students from such backgrounds.

Lead schools

Our Alumni lead schools serving educationally disadvantaged community, working professionally as school leaders or leading in other capacities such as volunteering on the school council or guiding school leadership teams as consultants and coaches.


Influence policy

Our Alumni influence education policy in formal and informal capacities, from researching and creating education policies that alleviate barriers for students experiencing educational disadvantage , to advocating and supporting policy makers to identify the challenges faced by students from such backgrounds.


Handprints on brick wall


Our Alumni continue to identify challenges within schools and the broader education system and produce innovative solutions to address these challenges, through the design and implementation of programs, activities and initiatives within schools to the establishment of social enterprises that challenge the status quo.

Support communities

Our Alumni work directly with communities experiencing educational disadvantage on context-specific issues, in professional community-based roles or in other capacities such as volunteering for community-based initiatives, supporting the communities we work with to be agents of change.



Our Alumni continue to  contribute their time, skills, resources and funds to enable others to continue to actively do this work. Whether they work professionally in a support role to support others or personally volunteering, resource sharing, donating funds, they help to enable others to act.

For our community

Community Fund

Grant applications for the Teach For Australia Community Fund are currently closed.

The TFA Community Fund is a funding program that provides financial grants to our community for projects and initiatives that aim to address educational disadvantage. Associates, Alumni and Teach To Lead Fellows are encouraged to apply. The grant funds currently available in the Community Fund were raised through the 2018 Teach For Australia Community Gala.

Learn more in the Provision of Funds Policy.

Communities of Action Workshop Days

The Communities of Action Workshop Day brings together passionate educators and community stakeholders in a structured day of workshops to (1) help them identify and break down the challenges they are facing in their unique contexts, (2) generate innovative ways in which they can approach the problems and to plan for action and (3) provide an opportunity to collaborate with others in the community and be inspired by the passion and dedication of others working alongside them.

Participants will leave the day with a better understanding of the challenges that they’re facing, its root causes and ways in which they can tackle the problem.

Email the Alumni team at alumni@teachforaustralia.org to get involved.


Teach For Australia facilitates connections within the Alumni community through a variety of channels: the Alumni Bulletin (a bimonthly newsletter), Facebook groups and other social media channels.

We share opportunities through these channels, so if you are not receiving our communications, get in touch with the Alumni team by emailing alumni@teachforaustralia.org.

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