Partnering with us

Working together to achieve real change

Our vision is of an Australia where all children, regardless of background, attain an excellent education. Teach For Australia is an innovative non-profit organisation helping to break the cycle of disadvantage. We empower passionate and high-achieving people to become great teachers and leaders and improve school outcomes.

Our strategy

In pursuit of our vision, our activity is driven by four organisational priorities that underpin our five-year strategy: growth, impact, sustainability and people and culture. Our supporters provide vital assistance in working towards these goals.




Increasing the number of students we empower by growing in scale while deepening our existing footprint.


Associates and Alumni are highly effective teachers and leaders, achieving transformative student outcomes and increasing school, community, and system capacity.


Strengthen our brand, diversify our funding base and ensure our operations are efficient as well as effective.

People & Culture

A strong culture and robust systems that maximise the satisfaction, engagement and empowerment of all staff.

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We seek to develop partnerships that will help us grow, maximise our impact and build a sustainable organisation. To learn how we can work together, contact us.